2023 China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) the first shoe Culture week came to a successful end

03th Jul 2023

Under the specific deployment and leadership of Wenzhou Municipal Government, Lucheng District Government and relevant departments, with the strong support of China Light Industry Federation, China Leather Association and Zhejiang Leather Industry Association, and with the joint efforts of all China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) people, the first China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) Shoe Culture Week has come to a successful end.


The series of activities are rich in content and diverse in form, reviewing the development process of China's shoe capital (Wenzhou) for more than 20 years, showing the trend and attitude of Wenzhou's shoe industry, and expressing the firm determination of Shoe people to leap over the next goal - "World Shoe Capital".


The planning of China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) series of activities started in early 2021.


On April 22, 2021, the municipal shoe leather Industry Association organized the vice meeting of the above enterprises, held the office meeting of the president of the municipal shoe leather Industry Association to make a collective resolution, and decided to unite Wenzhou shoe enterprises more through the 20th anniversary commemoration activities, and work together for the creation of "China's shoe capital" and "world shoe capital".


The series of activities was originally scheduled to be held on September 12, 2021, the 20th anniversary of Wenzhou being awarded the "Shoe Capital of China", but was postponed due to the impact of the epidemic and was forced to postpone it twice. During the preparation period of up to two years, the firm support attitude of the municipal and district Party committees and governments remains unchanged, the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the heat does not diminish, and the strength of the association actively leads the organization does not fade.





From June 23 to 27 this year, the two-year contract was finally completed. The event achieved a complete success under the firm and strong leadership of the municipal leaders, the Municipal shoe Chain Office and relevant departments and the counties (cities) districts of the main shoe producing areas, especially Lucheng District.


Wenzhou Shoe Leather Industry Association plays the role of planning, organization and coordination, and the president is personally responsible, leading the secretariat of the association to actively docking the superior association and departments, launching enterprises, strictly grasping the program, inquiring about every link of each activity, in every detail, to ensure the smooth and orderly development of this activity. All the staff of the secretariat of the municipal shoe leather Industry Association gave up weekends and Dragon Boat Festival holidays, co-operating with the organizing committee, fully cooperating with relevant departments to implement various activities and reception work, and contributing their own strength to the success of this event.



This shoe culture week activity has been highly recognized and affirmed by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Secretary Liu Xiaotao praised the role played by the municipal shoe Leather Association, affirmed the association president to drive the work of the association, the "leader" role of linkage enterprises.


Here, we sincerely thank the light Federation, the Chinese Association of Leather and the provincial Association of Leather for their strong support for this cultural week, and thank the provincial and municipal associations for their strong support for this shoe culture week in Wenzhou. Thank you footwear entrepreneurs, all footwear colleagues for China's shoes (Wenzhou) sincere love.


Forge ahead for 20 years, set sail for a new journey. Wenzhou Shoe Leather Industry Association and all Chinese shoe enterprises will take this event as an opportunity to transform the care and love of leaders at all levels and all walks of life into a powerful driving force for the leapfrog development of "world-class shoe industry cluster", constantly optimize and improve the industrial environment, industrial scale, industrial innovation, industrial brands and industrial internationalization level, and strive to write a new chapter in China's shoe capital (Wenzhou).


Finally, special thanks to all participating enterprises and brands of 2023 China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) Brand Show: Kangnai Group, Juyi Group, Zhuo Shini Holdings, Desai Group, Dadong Shoes, Erkang Shoes, ACUPUNCTURE, Yuyan Shoes, Silver shoes, Xinran Shoes, Kasilu shoes, Princess Yiting, New original, Gray shoes, Xiudian shoes, Dolme shoes, Shengzhangke shoes, Silipai shoes, Global Trade Port; Thank Kangnai Group and Juyi Group for providing customized shoes for the tap dance competition; Thanks to Juyi Group, Yuyan Shoes and Kasilu Shoes for providing vehicles and related assistance for this event.