A city arose because of a pair of shoes, Wenzhou shoes stride into the world

26th Jun 2023

Since 2001, Wenzhou was awarded the title of "China Shoes Capital" by China Light Industry Federation and China Leather Industry Association, and Wenzhou has continuously polished this golden signboard. After more than 20 years of ups and downs, the "China Shoes Capital" has recorded the entrepreneurial history of a generation of Wenzhou people who "dare to be the first and endure hardships and stand hard work". industrial clusters. It is the new mission of Wenzhou, the capital of shoes, to develop by leaps and bounds from "China Shoes Capital" to "World Shoes Capital". From June 23rd to June 27th, the 2023 China Shoes Capital (Wenzhou)'s first shoe culture week series activities were successfully held in our city. The activities aimed aiming to help Wenzhou build a world-class shoe industry cluster and promote "China Shoe Capital" to "world shoe capital".



 The Chinese shoes in Lucheng District are in full view



 New materials library  




Intelligent shoe-making workshop