Advantage of microfiber leather for shoes

20th Mar 2021

Protection of the environment and animal rights is a big problem today. Many manufacturers are turning from natural leather to imitation leather as consumers become more aware of the leather manufacturing reality and oppose animal abuse. Furthermore, the production of genuine leather is not only reckless but also ineffective and unprofitable. Only about 50% of leather is of good quality leather. The rest is simply wasteful and costly to the industry. Synthetic leather was once thought to be unsuitable for high-quality shoes, but microfiber leather changed the way shoes are manufactured.

Microfiber leather is designed to withstand bad weather and the wear and tear of long walks and runs.

They can hold their shape very well and are usually very durable if properly cared for. It also has better water resistance and is lighter than real leather, making it ideal for long wear and outdoor activities.

Microfiber leather, or microfiber leather, is high-quality synthetic leather imitation leather or PU leather and a high-tech imitation of premium leather. Microfiber leather simulates the structure of natural leather and uses a 3D structured nonwoven fabric made from superfine microfiber or superfine fiber bundle and high-quality polyurethane resin. The skin has excellent physical and chemical performance, but it is very popular all over the world. Due to its great performance, microfiber synthetic leather is the best alternative to leather, and the best skin replacements, the best materials, vegan leather and fully replaceable eco skin natural skin!

Benefits of microfiber leather for shoes

1. The performance of microfiber synthetic leather is superior to that of real leather

2. The surface effect can be achieved with real leather.

3. Tear resistance

4. Abrasion resistance,

5. Good Tensile strength: Synthetic leather is more durable than natural leather and is resistant to wear and aging.

6. Anti-cold,

7. Does not fade

8. Light

9. Lovable

10. Breathable and microfiber leather fabric is lighter than natural materials, making your shoes more comfortable to wear.

11. Soft and nice feeling

12. Free and organized aspects.

13. Antibacterial, antifungal,

14. Insect repellent,

15. Very friendly with the environment, does not contain harmful substances

16. Uncomplicated to cut

17. High usage,

18. Almost effortless cleaning

19. Odorless.

20. Environment friendly

21. Cost-effective: Microfiber leather is manufactured in rolls to help maintain a consistent level of quality and reduce wasted material. The production cost of microfiber leather and suede is lower than the real one.

How to check the quality of microfiber leather

1. Check for particles on the surface. The texture of the high-quality microfiber is light and the surface layer looks like real leather. However, the texture of the microfiber leather is poor quality, rough plastic feel.

2. High-quality microfiber has excellent feel and elasticity, at the same time very comfortable.

4. Check for scratches. Use a hard object to rub the surface of the microfiber to see if there are any scratches. Surface made of high-grade microfiber is extremely scratch resistant.