Advantage of solvent free leather

20th Mar 2021

Solvent free leather is a sustainable alternative to natural leather. It is just as pleasant as natural products and outperforms it in several respects, for example in comfort, maintenance, and treatment. This makes it very well suited for many fashionable designs. The fashion industry places high demands on synthetic leather. Solvent free leather should be as durable and flexible as natural leather, durable, easy to work with and flexible. Therefore, Heli Leather has a collection of a variety of solvent free leather types that are better quality than real leather in many respects. There was a belief that the reaction could not occur without using an invalid solvent. It has been found that many reactions take place in the solid state without the need for solvents. In practice, these reactions often occur more efficiently and selectively than those taking place in solvents.

Such reactions are particularly important in industry because they are easy to handle, reduce pollution and operate relatively inexpensively. Solvent-free organic synthesis and conversion is very useful industrially and is largely considered environmentally friendly. Green chemistry, also known as Sustainable Chemistry, is a chemical philosophy that encourages the design of products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and production of harmful substances. One of the limitations of solvent free leather is its relatively high cost. Solvent free leather is blended with other low cost dispersants to compensate for higher costs and, in some cases, to improve adhesion to specific substrates. Heli leather gives designers complete freedom to look and feel.

This artificial leather collection comes in a variety of surface textures, colors and animal leathers. Various embossed and polished finishes, with metallic designs and pastel colors, are particularly appealing to shoes and fashion accessories such as leatherette belts and fashion bags. At the same time, Heli leather is a sustainable product. This water-based solvent free leather is made without the use of solvents. This fabric received the ultimate look in Italy and has a very natural feel and structure due to the special finishing process similar to real leather tanning.

Heli Leather is a unique, high quality leather substitute that can be produced in small quantities, allowing you to customize the feel, texture and color. Wherever possible, synthetic methods should be designed to use and produce substances with little or no toxicity to human health and the environment. Chemicals should be designed to effectively prevent functionality while reducing toxicity in the process. Chemicals must be designed so that they do not exist in the environment at the end of their function and do not decompose into harmless decomposition products.

Benefits of solvent-free leather

1. A less aggressive solvent-free polyurethane dispersant on sensitive substrates that can be destroyed by the solvent. Solvent-free polyurethane dispersant has a much lower VOC than co-solvent water-based polyurethane dispersant.

2. The true solvent-free polyurethane dispersant dries much faster than solvent-containing water-based polyurethane dispersants, since most co-solvents evaporate much slower than water.

3. Solvent-free polyurethane dispersant is even more eco-friendly and user-friendly than co-solvent water-based polyurethane dispersant.