Comparison of Car Microfiber Leather Seats and Leather Seats

18th Mar 2021

Comparison of Car Microfiber Leather Seats and Leather Seats
In Order to Greatly Reduce the Cost, Improve the Product Performance and Environmental Protection, It is Possible to Replace the Natural Leather with Automobile Microfiber Leather Partially or Completely.
Cost Comparison of Seats
1. Calculation of the Area of a Driving Seat Cushion
The Area of the Back and Top is 0.1862m2, the Front is 0.1786m2, the Two Sides Are 0.08m2×2=0.16m2, the Two Sides Are 0.272m2, the Base and the Right Top Are 0.18m2, the Front is 0.1066m2, the Four Sides Are 0.0782m2×4=0.3128m2, the Total Area is 1.3962m2
2. Comparison of the Quantity of Leather and Microfiber Leather Used for Car Seat Cushion
The Width of Automobile Microfiber Leather is 1.40m (the Width Can Be Adjusted According to the Design), the Length Can Be "unlimited" According to the Need, the Utilization Rate Can Reach 80%, and a Seat Needs to Purchase Automotive Microfiber Leather Fabric Area of 1.712m 2.
There is No Fixed Size of Leather, Which Needs to Be Cut Down, and the Utilization Rate is Generally Less Than 60%. One Seat Needs to Purchase Leather Fabric with an Area of 2.327m2.
3. Price Comparison Between Leather Used for Car Seat Cushion and Automobile Microfiber Leather
The Price of the First Layer of Domestic Cattle Skin (the First Layer of Skin) is 18 ~ 19 Yuan /ft2(1m2=10.76ft2), Equivalent to 194 ~ 204 Yuan /m2, So the Leather Fabric Price of a Seat is About 451 ~ 475 Yuan.
The First Layer of Domestic Worst Cow Skin (the First Layer of Skin) Price is 14 ~ 15 Yuan /ft2, Equivalent to 145 ~ 155 Yuan /m2, a Seat Leather Fabric Price is 337 ~ 360 Yuan.
The Price of Automobile Microfiber Leather is 9.13 ~ 9.65 Yuan /ft2, Equivalent to the Price of 100 ~ 110 Yuan /m2, the Price of a Seat of Automobile Microfiber Leather Fabric is 171 ~ 188 Yuan.
The Exact Cost Comparison of Driving Seats Using Leather Versus Automotive Microfiber Leather is Shown in Table 1.


  • As can be seen from Table 1, automobile microfiber leather has a great advantage over leather in the cost of final used fabric, which can reduce the cost by 49.2%.If the automobile microfiber leather can be industrialized mass production, the price can also be reduced; If the door width is adjusted according to the actual design of cutting sample width, the utilization rate of automobile microfiber leather will be higher!
  • In addition, because the car microfiber leather seat cover and leather production process is exactly the same, but its cutting process with low labor, not only do not need to cut, but also reduce the development cost of stamping die, reduce the process and labor, the actual use in the car seat cost will be lower.
  • Performance comparison between automotive leather and automotive microfiber leather


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