Manufacturing of water based leather

20th Mar 2021

Manufacturing of water based leather is easier to use and has more effective properties than solvent-based analogues. PUD is formulated as an air-dried or oven-heated coating for flexible and hard substrates such as leather, fabric, plastic, paper and ceramics. Due to its excellent ability to fall in nature, PUD is a graphic art ink, footwear and textile adhesives that can be applied to a wide variety of products in a variety of industries. Also, due to the process that dries too quickly, evaporating alcohol tends to carry some of the remaining moisture in the leather, altering the leather's soft properties and often causing the leather to dry and become harder.

Heli Leather is a unique and made of high quality leather substitute that can be produced in small quantities, allowing you to customize the feel, texture and color. Wherever possible, synthetic methods should be designed to use and produce substances with little or no toxicity to human health and the environment. This technology has the advantage of saving costs because it uses a small amount of water, efficiently uses the capacity of the machine and can reduce the cost of storage, logistics and raw materials. Heli Leather has a collection of leather that is made with a high performance dispersant.

The dispersant is used to coat seats, automotive interiors and sports equipment. Moreover, Water based PU leather has been developed with international advanced technology and processing equipment. The new dispersion system reduces the VOC and mist value in the material and also reduces the emissions from the textile. Synthetic leather made with newly developed PU dispersion offers ecological advantages over those made with traditional solvent-based PU dispersion. Heli Leather also has a collection of leathers that uses the true solvent-free polyurethane dispersant. It dries much faster than solvent-containing water-based polyurethane dispersants, since most co-solvents evaporate much slower than water.

Wide Range of Heli Lather’s products: Alternative to real leather

Heli leather produces a sustainable alternative to real leather. The company also has a collection of suede-like microfiber fleece is water-derived. Hence, it is manufactured completely solvent-free of other types. Hence, our products are environmentally and animal friendly. Additionally, leathers of Heli Leather are extremely versatile and this heat-resistant product can be embossed and printed. With a variety of shades, this collection is designed to give designers the freedom to create sophisticated designs. Heli Leather sells water-based PU resin, water-based surface treatment, synthetic leather putty, water-based PU leather / water-based synthetic microfiber leather.

The company's products are widely used in areas such as shoes, bags, sofas, and clothing. Polyurethane dispersant in water for the manufacture of binder exhibits excellent heat resistance, fast drying, and durable adhesive strength and spray performance. PUD to coat leather is very shiny or translucent, forming a soft film, very suitable for coating on soft materials and cross-reactive with ethylene diamine and polycarbodiimide. The water based leather manufacturing process is even more eco-friendly and user-friendly than co-solvent water-based polyurethane dispersant.