Microfiber Leather Common Problems

24th Feb 2021

Microfiber Leather Common Problems

1. What is microfiber leather?

Microfiber leather is a kind of high-grade artificial leather, full name is "microfiber polyurethane synthetic leather", it is very similar to leather, because of wear resistance, cold resistance, breathable, aging resistance, rich color and a series of advantages and favored by the majority of users.

2. How to distinguish between real leather and microfiber

Uneven thickness of leather, the surface more or less natural deformity, the surface smooth degree is different also, leather surface has obvious pores and decorative pattern, some still show coarse grain, intradermal generally have pile, and the thickness of the microfiber leather is uniform, the surface without a disability, homogeneous structure, its pores and decorative pattern is very uniform, no tufted leather in general, in addition, real leather with versatile, there will be a trace, pushing, there will be wrinkles appear, whereas microfiber leather will not appear wrinkles, press down with the hand, will rebound soon.

3. Can I use colorless shoe polish for shoes made of microfiber leather?

No, shoe polish is used to protect natural fabrics.

4. Microfiber leather shoes or leather shoes?

Though expensive leather shoes, but in fact, microfiber leather performance in many aspects have replaced the real leather, microfiber leather shoes made of permeability is good, there will be no crease, wearing also comfortable, but also on the color, microfiber leather also is more than the leather color, mildew proof, of course they are common has the advantages of wear-resisting folding.

5 white superfine leather sofa became yellow, how to clean

With detergent mixed with warm water, gently wipe with a cloth, and then in the sun exposure can be cleaned.


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