Microfiber leather surface to alleviate the need to pay attention to the problem

10th Mar 2021

Microfiber leather surface to alleviate the need to pay attention to the problem


In leather industry, microfiber leather latest technological products, especially on the shoe bag, many brands use plenty of microfiber leather as the material, formal aimed at microfiber cost-effective, high physical properties, development and design products with market competitiveness, including napa, sheep, cattle, litchi grain such classic lines, widely used in handbags, bags, shoes, handicrafts, ornaments, etc.

Before the microfiber leather base cloth enters the veneer link, it needs to be ground. The main purpose is to make the base cloth thickness uniform and meet the requirements of the product. At the same time, it can remove the coarse wool on the surface of the base cloth, make the surface of the base cloth smooth, and lay a foundation for artificial surface making.

The dermabrasion of microfiber leather base cloth requires that the coarse wool on the surface be removed, and the thickness of the product be met. The surface hairs are uniform and uniform, and there shall be no sand grain, no fuzz, no stripe, and no obvious joint marks.

Use attention questions

1. According to the quality requirements of various microfiber leather and the compactness of the base cloth, the particle size of emery cloth or sandpaper should be reasonably selected.Hard base cloth can be coarse emery cloth, and soft base cloth can be fine emery cloth.

2. When the microfiber leather base cloth is ground, it needs to be ground again for the first time, otherwise the phenomenon of continuous fiber grinding will appear, the villi will be thick and long, and the surface flatness is not good.

3. If the surface fineness after grinding is required to be very good, the surface can be lightly filled with filling materials.For example, modified materials can be used for scraping and coating on the surface, and then the surface can be ground after complete drying, so as to obtain a good surface fineness.

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