Notice On Adjusting The Sale Price Of Synthetic Leather

02th Mar 2021

Dear customers,

Happy New Year!

First of all, thank you very much for your strong support to our company in the past year.

Due to the sharp rise in the price of raw materials such as resin and base cloth, the cost of finished products produced by our company increased.

Our company has decided to increase the sales price of all ordinary products by 14cents-42cents/meter from now on.

For special products (including hydrolysis resistance), please contact our sales manager.

Please confirm the product price with our sales staff before placing the order, so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes and misunderstandings.

IN order not to affect your normal purchase of our products, we hereby inform you in advance, please give us your understanding and support!

Finally wish your company in the New Year business is prosperous, the source of money is widely entered!



This article is forwarded  by The Lynne Zhang From WenZhou HeLi Synthetic Leather Co.,Ltd.

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