Polish the golden sign of "China's shoe Capital" and build a world-class industrial cluster

27th Jun 2023

Step by step, Wenzhou shoes, stride into the world! Since 2001, Wenzhou was awarded the title of "Shoe Capital of China" by the China Light Industry Federation and the China Leather Industry Association, Wenzhou has continuously polished this golden sign. After more than 20 years of wind and rain, "China's shoe capital" has recorded the entrepreneurial process of a generation of Wenzhou people who "dare to be the first, bear hardships and endure hard work", and witnessed the new hope of the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou's traditional advantageous industries and the rise of Nirvana, creating a world-class industrial cluster.




On June 24, "China's Red Boots • World's design" the first "Red Boots Award" China International Footwear Design Competition Award ceremony and China Shoe Brand joint show was held in Wenzhou Sports Center.



At the award ceremony that night, the results of the first "Red Boots" awards were announced. Among them, Shenzhen shoe company designer Mo Junhan's national style women's boots design work "Green" won the only highest award red boots Supreme Award. The work adopts the form of cloud shoulder decorated fabric of ancient Chinese clothing, and the color is matched with turquoise, combining the artistic conception of landscape painting with modern aesthetic, implying that this is a good shoe to accompany you through mountains, lakes and seas. In addition, "RE-14C", "Xuanwu", "Sea, Land and Air", "Qi" and other 4 works won the Shang Award, "Sanxingdui Eye", "outdoor now", "Punk self-help Guide" and other 10 works won the United States Award, and "Under the Mountains and rivers" and other 20 works won the New award.




On June 25, the first Shoe Culture Week of 2023 China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) was launched. At the launch ceremony, the China Light Industry Federation released the construction index system of "world-class shoe industry cluster".



According to reports, world-class industrial clusters refer to an ecosystem that can promote enterprise innovation, regional development and enhance international competitiveness at a world-class level. The index system of the construction of "world-class shoe industry cluster" is composed of 5 first-level indicators, 11 second-level indicators and 25 third-level indicators.


For Wenzhou, the "shoe capital of China" with a deep history and industrial foundation of footwear, this first indicator system in the country has clarified the direction for the development of Wenzhou to create a "world shoe capital". At the launch ceremony, Wenzhou issued a benchmark action plan to create a "world-class shoe industry cluster" to promote "China's shoe capital" to "the world's shoe capital". According to the plan, Wenzhou will implement the five major actions of "smart building the world", "service the world", "design the world", "cooperation the world" and "name and conduct the world", and by 2025, the export volume of footwear products will be doubled, and the global footwear supply chain center will be built.




On the evening of June 25, "Wenzhou Footsteps · World Rhythm" China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) 2023 Tap Dance Invitational and International tap Dance Night activities were held in Songtai Square, Lucheng District, presenting a visual feast of "shoe dance" through the perfect combination of "shoes and dance" and the collision and integration of Eastern and Western cultures.



Known as "foot art", tap dance is an important carrier for spreading footwear culture, which is highly consistent with Lucheng's development concept of "fashion wisdom". In the early stage, through the fierce competition and the strict evaluation of the jury, six winning teams were produced from many university teams and social dance groups, and they gathered on the carnival stage tonight.


When dreams dance, shoes are the metronome of dreams. The tap dance art from Ireland and the craftsmanship of Wenzhou shoemaking meet unexpectedly in the interlace of time and space, and jointly play the beautiful melody of The Times. The activity was divided into three chapters: "Seeking the origin of Wenzhou shoe culture", "burning the trend of China's shoe industry" and "illuminating the dream of the world's shoe capital". Six teams and many top dance companies at home and abroad performed on the same stage, and the theme of "Wenzhou shoes, traveling the world" was carried out throughout through a series of tap dances, and a vivid and bright development history of Wenzhou shoes was interpreted.