Regenerated leather factory

20th Mar 2021

Regenerated leather is different from real leather, synthetic leather and synthetic leather. Regenerated leather has a completely smooth surface and is produced through a manufacturing process in which the waste leather compresses the fibers. These leather products are tough, smooth and are generally cheaper than real leather products. Due to its durable properties, it is usually water-resistant, durable and easy to clean. Of the three types, patched or Regenerated leather is generally the cheapest. It also has a bad habit of flaking over time. Bonded leather is made by scraping skin debris such as dust and shavings and spraying it on the underside of the hard fiber surface. In the finishing process, it is dyed, covered with polyurethane to give a great shine and is embossed to look like real leather.

Bonded leather is actually a mixture of real leather and synthetic leather. It is made from scrap and fiber from real leather treatment mixed with polyurethane binder. The fibers are then wound together using glue and glued to the backing paper. Some manufacturers add a layer of polyurethane to the laminated leather and make it stand out to give it a real leather texture. Most of these leather types contain up to one fifth of real leather. Some manufacturers sell real leather, although the percentage of real leather is very small.

How to find Regenerated leather

Many people consider regenerated leather to be real leather, and manufacturers sometimes refer to sticky leather as real leather. Knowing the difference between bonded leather and genuine leather can be very helpful when buying furniture.

The main difference between this type of leather and genuine leather is the cost. Bonded leather does not use real leather, so it is significantly cheaper. The cost of genuine leather is always higher than that of imitation leather.

Regenerated leather is thinner than real leather and has a synthetic feel. Plasticizers and other chemicals used in the manufacture of adhesive skin can create an unpleasant chemical odor. Also, unlike real leather, bonded leather is not breathable, so you may experience discomfort during summer use.

This type of leather can sometimes smell or smell real leather, but the difference lies in their appearance. It has a uniform texture, but real leather has some imperfections. Conversely, when sitting in a laminated leather office chair, it's a textured polyurethane coating that touches the leather. Because it is synthetic material, it can cause allergies to sensitive skin.

Benefits of Regenerated skin

This type of leather is not ugly overall. Moreover, you can get bonded leather in a variety of colors and designs. This type of leather has a smooth and uniform texture. Cleaning bonded skin is not difficult. The most important thing to remember is to never use harsh cleaners or abrasive cleaners. You should also first perform a color change resistance test on a small, inconspicuous area of ​​an office chair. It is a lot cheaper than real animal skin.