Solvent free leather manufacturer

20th Mar 2021

Water-based PU leather was developed with international advanced technology and processing equipment. The material is made of water-based plastic and is solvent-free. Many people compare water-based PU leather to traditional oil-based PU leather. The making of solvent free leather is associated with a complicated production process. However, the modern process is done with a lot less toxic raw materials, and production contains substandard. Hence, solvent free leather does not adversely affect the health of the producer and our environment. Water-based polyurethane shows the best properties overall. The obvious advantage of this approach is that unlike traditional water-based polyurethane synthesis techniques, the reaction process does not require organic solvents to reduce the system's viscosity.

Conventional organic reactions are usually performed in organic solvents because the organic solvents dissolve well the organic reagents, uniformly disperse the reagent molecules in solution, the energy exchange is stable, but at the same time, the solvent organic compounds are toxic, volatile and difficult to recycle. Solvent free leather is not harmful to the environment. In particular, much of the ecological pollution of the Earth is related to the production and use of synthetic chemicals from organic solvents that humans use. When manufacturing synthetic leather using solvent-free PU resin, do not use organic solvents. Water-based synthetic leather has the advantages of anti-wear, cold resistance, breathable, anti-aging, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful appearance. It is the most ideal replacement for natural skin.

What is the difference between water-based PU leather and oil-based PU leather?

Compared with solvent-based polyurethane synthetic leather, water-based polyurethane not only retains the superior physical properties, softness and elasticity of solvent-based synthetic leather, but also has the unique protective properties of the lips. school, is non-toxic and does not pollute the environment. Therefore, in the synthetic leather industry, the synthesis and application of water-based polyurethane has received a lot of attention and support. Compared with solvent-free water-based polyurethane, it has excellent water and air permeability, the production process is non-polluting, the fabrication material is non-toxic and harmless to the production staff. The cleaning effect is significantly better than other solvent-free PU paints. In fact, water-based PU leather and traditional oil-based PU leather are two completely different material components.

Advantage of solvent free leather

1. Solvent-free polyurethane dispersant has a much lower VOC than co-solvent water-based polyurethane dispersant.

2. The drying process of polyurethane in water offers a more natural optical appearance by itself. Developed water-based polyurethane coating can be widely used on artificial and synthetic leather surfaces.

3. Solvent-free polyurethane dispersant is less aggressive on sensitive substrates that can be damaged by the solvent.

4. Water-based PU leather is made from water-based polyurethane and replaces organic solvents with water. The production process does not pollute, does not have harmful chemicals such as DMF, VOCs, environmentally friendly products.

5. The true solvent-free polyurethane dispersant dries much faster than solvent-containing water-based polyurethane dispersants, since most co-solvents evaporate much slower than water.

6. Solvent-free polyurethane dispersant is even more environmental and user-friendly than co-solvent water-based polyurethane dispersant.