Synthetic Leather Development Trend

19th Jan 2021
  • The Technology of Leatherette Originated in Germany in the 1930s and Was Mainly Promoted by Japanese and American Companies.japan Was Once the World's Largest Producer of Artificial Leather, and Production Peaked in the 1990s.after the 1990s, with the Increase of Human and Environmental Costs, and the Opening of the Chinese Market, the Global Leather Production Center Gradually Shifted to the Chinese Mainland.since the 1990s, the Global Production and Consumption of Microfiber Has Grown Rapidly, and It Has Been Widely Used in High-end Shoes, Clothing, Furniture, Ball Games and Car Interiors.more Than 90% of the World's High-end Sports Shoes Are Made of Microfiber Synthetic Leather, and a Large Number of High-end Car Seats Have Replaced Natural Leather with Microfiber Synthetic Leather.

  • Artificial Leather is After Adding Plasticizer in Synthetic Resin, with Paste, Disperse Liquid Form or Solution Form Besmear is on Cloth Surface, Repass Heating Treatment and the Product That Can Also Be Mixed with Resin and then Heated by Rolling into Cloth Lining or Products Without Cloth Lining.although Artificial Leather Can Replace Natural Leather Processing into Shoes, Bags, but It Has Obvious Shortcomings, Such As Poor Sanitary Performance, Air Permeability, Water Permeability is Not Good;easy to Age, Not Durable;intensity is Not High, Easy to Damage, Etc.of Course, Artificial Leather Also Has Good Resistance to Water Performance, the Advantage of the Action Such As Acid, Alkali, Organic Solvent.

  • At Present, China Has Become the World's Largest Artificial Leather Production and Consumption Center, Accounting for 70% of the World's Total Production.the Main Demand of Artificial Leather in China is the Manufacturing Industry of Shoes, Bags, Clothing and Furniture. Therefore, the Geographical Distribution of Artificial Leather Production Has Obvious Agglomeration Effect with the Regional Distribution of Enterprises Making Shoes, Bags, Clothing and Furniture.zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and Other Provinces Are the Areas Where the Production of Artificial Leather Industry is Relatively Concentrated in China.from the Development of Various Industries in China, the Demand for Artificial Leather Will Grow Steadily in the Next Two Years, with a Growth Rate of About 15%.artificial Leather Demand, Mainly for the Development of the Downstream Consumer Market.the Sum of Shoe Leather, Furniture Leather and Bag Leather Reached 75% in the Demand of the Downstream Industry of Artificial the Country with the Largest Population in the World, China Has a Huge Space for the Development of Footwear Industry. Moreover, China Has Become One of the World's Largest Production Bases for Sofa Furniture and the World's Largest Exporter of Sofa Furniture. Domestic Consumption and Export of Sofa Furniture Have Been Growing Rapidly.

  • At Present, There Are About 400 Major Synthetic Leather Manufacturers in China, and the Total Production Capacity of the Top Five Production Lines Accounts for About 6% of the Total Production Capacity.china's Artificial Leather Industry is Characterized by Structural Surplus and Low Industrial Concentration.compressing Costs and Reducing Prices Are the Main Means of Competition for Most Enterprises.from the Perspective of the Export Product Structure of China's Artificial Leather Products, Most of Them Are Concentrated in the Field of Low-end Products.china, on the Other Hand, Still Imports Some High-end Microfiber Leather Products from Abroad.with the Development of China's Economy and the Improvement of People's Living Standards, Consumers' Requirements for Leather in the Fields of Traditional Furniture, Automobile Interiors and Shoes Are Gradually Increasing, and It Will Be Difficult for Traditional Pvc Artificial Leather and Ordinary Pu Leather to Meet the Needs of the Future, the Development Trend of Artificial Leather, Consumption Upgrade and Environmental Protection Will Promote the Consumption Proportion of High-end Artificial Leather Represented by Microfiber Leather to Increase.



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