The Application Of New Materials -- Understanding The Safety Shoes Of Superfine Fiber Leather

02th Apr 2021



Due to its unique environmental protection and physical properties, microfiber leather has been widely used in shoes, bags, car interiors and other fields abroad.In China, people's general understanding of the Korean leather, microfiber leather is a kind of natural products, and ordinary leather to a domain, the excellent properties of don't realize it, so the limits its application, did not reach the level of foreign common identity, but as the copy leather manufacturers of continuous efforts, has gradually obtains the actual effect.

As a new type of high-grade wind sound simulation material, microfiber leather is applied in the design and manufacture of safety shoes, so that more people know about microfiber leather and enjoy the higher comfort brought by microfiber safety shoes.

Internationally, superfine fiber synthetic leather is a high-tech product, and its development is mainly concentrated in Asia, among which Japan has an early start and advanced level. At present, the development of domestic synthetic leather industry is relatively rapid, mature technology, has reached the world advanced level. Due to the basic use of microfiber synthetic leather, good elasticity, high strength, soft feel, good air permeability, many of its physical properties have greatly exceeded the natural leather; the external performance has the characteristics of natural leather. In the industrial sense, it is not only suitable for modern large-scale production, but also can protect the ecology, reduce environmental pollution and make full use of non-natural resources. Therefore, some people call it the fourth generation of artificial.

Compared with traditional safety shoes, microfiber safety shoes have the following advantages:

1. The light. Compared with the area of microfiber leather and natural cowhide or film leather, the weight is only 1/3 of the cowhide, reducing the foot load of safety shoes. Including the steel toe, the whole shoe (40 size for example) weighs only 0.7 kg, which is about 1/2 lighter than the traditional polyurethane safety shoe (about 1.4 kg) and about 3/5 lighter than the traditional rubber safety shoe (1.8 kg). This lightweight safety shoe makes the operation easier.


2. More excellent air permeability. North Korea leather is the bionic leather, with natural leather inherent permeability, light through the efforts of scientific research personnel, its permeability is better than natural leather, this is in recent years foreign running shoes, basketball shoes, a large number of microfiber leather design athletes special shoes emissions after strong movement of moisture, hot air reason. For this reason, microfiber leather is also known as "breathing leather."


3. Softness of leather surface. Because the super fiber leather is composed of polyamide super fiber and polyurethane and Wangzhuang micro bubble, it has higher softness than natural cowhide, which is also one of the main reasons for the use of super fiber leather in high-grade sports shoes abroad.


4, the stability and uniformity of material properties. Natural leather due to the origin, processing technology, skin parts (such as cattle abdomen, back, neck, etc.), its thickness is not uniform, tensile property tear property is not consistent, surface finish difference, etc., on the side of the quality stability of a greater impact. But the North Korean leather using mass production, the performance of the same, the thickness of the same, with its production of safety shoes upper, to ensure the stability and uniformity of the quality of the upper, its deformation.


5. Responsible for the development of new fashion and safety shoe styles. Traditional safety upper material is single, and microfiber leather is colorful, soft and full surface, special matters to develop casual fashion safety shoes, change the visual fatigue of traditional safety shoes, only employees love to wear, the work of safety supervision department will be easy.


6, simple maintenance, can be washed. No need for strict maintenance, vamp cleaning is very safe, simple and convenient, surface dirt, direct water wipe Sassafras, or even directly put the shoes into the washing machine after washing, dry, reach the shoes, vamp cleaning at the same time.In addition to cloth and rain shoes, this is a safety shoe that can be washed directly, to achieve the effect of cleaning the upper and the inside of the shoe at the same time.


7, waterproof performance: according to user requirements, North Korean leather can also be made into waterproof function.


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