The Proper Way To Clean Micro-Suede/Microfiber Sofa

08th Mar 2021

Sofa upholstery is not just confined to leather as other fabrics are also used. One of the materials used for sofas is micro-suede, a silky soft fabric similar to that of natural suede. It is made of tiny polyesters threads that were jointly sewn to allow different methods of cleaning that are safe. Using mild cleaning agents will not harm or discolor the material.


Cleaning micro-suede/microfiber sofas


Vacuum your couch by using the soft brush attachment but remove all of the cushions first.


Check the manual couch for directions on how to clean it. You can also check on the couch tag to know that cleaning aid you should use. If it has an "S" for solvent or "W" for water, then you are ready to clean your sofa. You can use solvent and water if both letters were written, though.


Fill a spray bottle with solvent or water (depending on what cleaning aid should be used). If the sofa is too filthy. add 3-4 drop of dish washing soap.


Squirt the mixture on your micro-suede sofa catiously concentrating more on the stains, spots or blemishes.


Follow that up by wiping the sofa of its marks or dust by using a soft cloth.


Do not let anyone to sit on it, not unless your micro-suede sofa is completely dry.


Sofas made of micro-suede materials are actually stain resistant; hence, there is no reason to use any fabric shield products. Mixing 1 to 2 drops of mild artificial cleaning agent like dish washing or detergent soap with water is sufficient to clean this type of sofa.


To eliminate stinking smell from micro-suede sofa, mix a little vinegar with distilled water and apply it on the couch. Next, sprinkle some baking soda and vacuum it. If the couch is made of real micro-suede materials, cleaning will be uncomplicated. This is not true though if fake materials were used.


One of the hardest things to remove from micro-suede sofas are hairs, furs or lint. To remove these, get a sticky kind of lint roller although your dependable vacuum can also remove this stuff from your couch.


Steam cleaning micro-suede couches must be done occasionally. However, bring it to a cleaning service company who specialized on cleaning sofas made of micro-suede.


Another material used for microfiber sofa is polyester. This material has the ability to absorb color compared to other fabrics. The chemical method used allows the color to linger, which does not require any further treatments.


You can also ues alcohol, rubbing or clear alcohol like vodka, and ammonia to clean microfiber sofas.


The problem here, though, is microfiber tends to become stiff after cleaning it. To bring back its softness, use an old toothbrush or soft scrub brush to rub the stiff area.


Buying sofas made of micro-suede/microfiber should not make you worried, as they are easy to clean. Knowing your sofa and the manner to take care of it such as the appropriate cleaning items to use will make it to stay longer and looking fresh and new.




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