The difference between microfiber leather and genuine leather

25th Jan 2021

Washed leather, microfiber leather, environmental protection leather. Clothes made of washed leather, microfiber leather or eco-friendly leather are basically similar in appearance to genuine leather clothes. Compared with pure leather or genuine leather clothing, this type of leather clothing is cheap, colorful, and has many patterns.


Distinguishing method: When inspecting from the edge suture, the artificial leather base material has cotton gauze, and the cortex has tiny spongy tissue.


Genuine Leather. Conceptually, leather is a customary name for natural leather to distinguish synthetic leather. In consumers’ perceptions, there are actually a wide variety of leather, with different qualities and different prices. Therefore, leather is a vague name in the commodity market. In a commonly used process, the cortex is crushed and then added with adhesive, and then molded into cortex, which is also generally called dermis. Naturally, the cost of clothes made with this kind of synthetic leather is much lower.


Differentiation method: There are no pores on the surface of the synthetic leather, and the surface of the leather is wet, and air is blown from the other side.



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