Ultra-fiber Microfiber Leather is Environmentally Friendly and Low Carbon, Which Meets the Needs of Economic Development

29th Jan 2021

     Low carbon economy is the international community to cope with a large number of human consumption of chemical energy, a lot of changes of global climate disaster caused by carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions and proposed the new concept of the varieties of energy conversion, the essence of which is to improve energy efficiency and clean energy structure problem, the core is energy technology innovation and the concept of human survival and development of fundamental change.


     At present, the development of low carbon economy has nearly become a global consensus, the governments of all countries attach great importance to the development of low carbon economy.

Microfiber leather is the product of low carbon economy. This is not only because it adopts advanced technology in the production process, saves energy, but also has excellent performance.Through technological innovation, zero sewage discharge has been realized in product production.


     In the sofa fabric, there are also 30% microfiber leather instead of natural leather, become the second major category of leather sofa fabric selected raw materials.At present, 20% of microfiber leather gloves have replaced natural leather, becoming the second major category of leather glove fabrics.


     Some enterprises through technology research and equipment reformation developed a car with a microfiber leather, for example, the resultant leather industry co., LTD. Wenzhou developed the first domestic car microfiber leather products, has been applied to the automotive industry, entirely replace the natural leather, used for car seats and door plank material, a large number of save energy and reduce the energy consumption, is now in the domestic many models batch use.In order to reflect the low-carbon World Expo, the seat fabric of the multimedia dynamic cinema of the Shanghai World Expo has been selected as low-carbon environmental protection microfiber leather.Environment-friendly car microfiber leather, a new high-tech material in artificial synthetic leather, is not natural leather, because of wear-resistant, cold resistance, breathable, aging resistance, soft texture and beautiful appearance and other performance advantages, has become an ideal choice to replace natural leather.Moreover, replacing leather can greatly reduce animal killing and carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, due to the durability of microfiber leather, it can also reduce the manufacturing cost and contribute to energy saving and emission reduction.


     Green car microfiber leather solved the car leather flame retardant is poor, aging resistant ability is weak, dimension stability is poor, has a smell, volatilize harmful substances such as technical problems, adopt unique green technology, implements the green economy, make the product batch used in car interior areas, improve product performance and reduces the production cost, realize the auto lightweight and environmental development goals, greatly solves the current high-grade car interior trim the problems of shortage of natural leather and quality closes nevertheless, can realize standardization, industrialized mass production, the market prospect is quite broad, according to the need to adjust,Auto microfiber leather can replace all leather products, can be widely used in domestic and foreign cars, ships, aircraft interior decoration and environmental protection purification and other fields, the product formula is reasonable, advanced technology, feasible, environmental protection, stable quality, suitable for the substitution of natural leather products.



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