Water based leather manufacturer

20th Mar 2021

In the leather manufacturing process, every water based leather manufacturer uses water for two functions. Dissolve and transport chemicals and mix and rotate with a tanning drum without damaging or damaging the leather. Water dissolves chemicals, enzymes and dyes as it processes the leather and transforms it into the leather for perfection. For example, water-soluble lime can seep between the leather fibers, opening the leather's structure and swelling the leather. This allows the tanning agent to penetrate the structure and attach to the collagen, making it less likely to rot.

Descaling agent is then dissolved in water to remove lime and shrink the leather. Without water as a carrier (solvent) in the process, it is not possible to tan the leather. Heli leather gives designers complete freedom to look and feel. This artificial leather collection comes in a variety of surface textures, colors and animal leathers. Various embossed and polished finishes, with metallic designs and pastel colors, are particularly appealing to shoes and fashion accessories such as leatherette belts and fashion bags.


A new type of high-quality artificial leather made from ultrafine fibers can be used in a variety of fields such as footwear, bags, furniture and automotive interiors. It has better leather properties and indexes than leather. Some people call it 4th generation artificial leather, comparable to high quality natural leather. It has the original hygroscopic properties and air permeability of natural leather, and is superior to natural leather in chemical resistance, water resistance, and anti-mildew resistance. The whole process of Water based leather manufacturing is done with slow penetrating and slow drying. It helps to maintain the softness of leather.


Water based leather manufacturing process: the chemical aspect of leather production


When talking about the chemical aspect of leather production, Water based leather manufacturers use water as dissolve solvents. The result is a solution. We carry out solutions every day when making tea or coffee. Even the sugar we use is technically a chemical that dissolves in your favorite beer. Water based leather manufacturing process has been developed with international advanced technology and processing equipment. The material is made of water-based resin, and the DMF content can reach 0, etc. without solvent. Heli Leather provides Water based leather that is compatible with governmental guidelines etc.


It really realizes low carbon production, saves energy and protects the environment. Solvents are generally liquids, but have gases and solids that act like solvents. When it comes to industrial applications, water is usually excluded from the solvent label. The main reason is that water, unlike other solvents, does not have harmful chemical properties. Water is generally considered to be environmentally friendly, but it is still a solvent. Water-based polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are one of the fastest growing segments of the surface coatings industry due to their technological advances and are effective alternatives to solvent-based analogues. Due to the low content of volatile organic compounds and toxic air pollutants, PUD is used in many industrial and commercial applications.