What is solvent free PU synthetic leather (EPU)

07th Dec 2020

EPU or you can call it solvent-free PU synthetic (faux) leather fabrics or nonsolvent PU leather and this material is an improved eco-friendly PU synthetic leather.


The structure of EPU is stable and with 7-15 years of hydrolysis resistance and this new material is designed to be environmentally friendly.


1. EPU feels soft and smooth and it is with more toughness and elasticity;


2. It is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, it is not easy to crack, and it does not need special care;


3. A piece of precision EPU has a service life of up to 20 years, also it is with longer color persistence;


4. Normal PU leather is affected by the rising temperature, it is easy to emit pungent chemical odor, and there are irreversible deformation and wrinkle while the increase of heat, EPU surface is more heat-resistant and the ductility is better;


5. EPU is more environmentally friendly in production process, eliminating the use of solvents and chemical reagents, and does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals harmful to the human body.