What is the biggest difference between solvent-free synthetic leather and water-based synthetic leather?

01th Mar 2021


What is the biggest difference between solvent-free synthetic leather and water-based synthetic leather?


The key technological breakthroughs in the forming process and application of raw materials of zero-solvent polyurethane synthetic leather will form the leading creative applications in the future market.

The biggest difference can be reflected in three aspects:


FIRSTThe production process is different

In the process of preparation, the resin of water-borne synthetic leather also needs to use organic solvent as carrier, and it can be dispersed in water only after the reaction is nearly completed. Strictly speaking, water-based synthetic leather, at best, but the organic solvent is reduced to certain content, and is not an absolute sense of the use of organic solvents.

And water - based resin should be carefully used semi - dry paste process. Because water-based resin film forming process, because the surface will be heated first conjunctiva and water is not soluble in the surface of the skin film, this will cause the surface without initial viscosity and bonding performance significantly weakened phenomenon. IN addition, in order to facilitate the drying of film, water-based resin should use the process of multi-knife thin scraping, resulting in the extension of production equipment, increased energy consumption, the need for more personnel.

To sum up, no matter which production process is used, a lot of solvents are needed, or a lot of labor is needed and energy is consumed.

And what is a zero solvent? Is in the production of raw materials do not add any low boiling point organic solvent; The polyps in the original solution are modified into different types of material systems, so that the production process has a new space for technological breakthroughs, and no waste gas or waste water is produced in the production process, and zero emission is realized.


SECOND: THE product performance is different

  1. Many people find that the use time of traditional PU leather is mostly about half a year to two years. And the zero solvent PU leather produced by Gaoming Shang Ang Technology Company, the minimum requirements are not hydroly
  2. Sis within three years, and at the same time, there are more than 5 years, 10 years, 15 years of classification for everyone to buy.

2, as for the physical properties, based on the national standard dry leather standard to do a test, not only all passed, and most of the data beyond the standard of more than 30%.



THIRD: Different environmental protection and energy saving

1. In terms of environmental protection, zero-solvent PU leather has passed the REACH hazardous materials and ROHS heavy metal testing of SGS.Real realization of five zeros: zero solvent, zero plasticizer, zero emissions, zero odors, and zero metal.

2. In terms of energy consumption, compared with the motor of the traditional leather production line, which is dragged more than 100 meters, the temperature is required to be 150 and the volatile solvent needs to be recovered; The motor of the zero solvent-based PU leather production line only needs to be dragged below 50 meters, and the temperature below 90 is required, and it is directly formed.



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