Whether Microfiber leather need dyed bottom

26th Jan 2021

Microfiber leather, also called imitation leather. When buying microfiber leather, many novice manufacturers will buy what they need according to their requirements, such as "texture", "thickness" and "price". In fact, there is another very important parameter for microfiber leather that is "Whether to dye the bottom".


Another name for dyed bottom is "same bottom and same color". For example, if the surface of microfiber leather is red, then the base embryo is also dyed red; if the surface is blue, then the base embryo must be dyed blue.

The non-dyed base is a super fiber base fabric (base embryo) that maintains the original color, usually gray base.

If you are a luggage manufacturer and use orange microfiber leather to make a bag, and the process does not reveal the background color of the microfiber leather, then use the microfiber that does not dye the bottom (usually a gray bottom). However, if your bag needs to be perforated on certain parts of the surface, the base fabric layer will be exposed, so dyeing must be used, otherwise it will affect the beauty of the entire bag.


Of course, dyed microfiber leather will be more expensive than undyed. Under normal circumstances, products with dyed primers are more expensive than the same products without dyed primers.


Customers still have to consider whether the microfiber leather is made of the same background and color according to their actual needs. We can take a look at the microfiber material of our Heli Leather, which is what everyone calls the artificial leather material.


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