Zhejiang Wenzhou launched the first Shoe Culture Week to improve the industrial cluster towards the "world shoe capital"

26th Jun 2023

Wenzhou, June 25 (Zhou Jian) "On the map of the development of China's shoe industry, Wenzhou has a pivotal position. Wenzhou is not only the first industrial cluster of the light industry named by the China Light Industry Federation and the China Leather Association in 2001, but also the well-known "Chinese shoe capital" at home and abroad. The rise of Wenzhou shoe industry has interpreted the legend of Chinese shoe manufacturing for the world."


On June 25, the launch ceremony of the first Shoe Culture Week of 2023 China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) was held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, Li Yuzhong, vice president of China Light Industry Federation and chairman of China Leather Association, said in a speech at the ceremony.


Wenzhou is known as the "town of 100 workers" reputation, shoe-making has a long history. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Wenzhou footwear industry has changed from imitation and follow to independent innovation, from simple processing to comprehensive coverage of products, and the overall layout of the industrial chain, from low-end OEM production to the emergence of many well-known brands, realizing the transformation from traditional manufacturing to fashion and comfortable industry. According to statistics, in 2022, the total industrial output value of Wenzhou shoe industry reached 42.24 billion yuan, an increase of 7% year-on-year, and 82 shoe enterprises with annual sales revenue exceeding 100 million yuan.


The reporter learned that the 2023 China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) first shoe Culture Week aims to help Wenzhou build a world-class shoe industry cluster and promote "China Shoe Capital" to "world shoe capital".


"While China's footwear industry cluster has made achievements, compared with the requirements of high-quality development, its innovation and development capacity still has a large gap, and there are problems such as insufficient key core technologies, lack of security and controllable ability of industrial chain and supply chain, unbalanced regional development, and insufficient innovation efficiency." Li Yuzhong said that in order to break through the existing development bottleneck, the industrial cluster should achieve transformation and upgrading with innovative thinking, "the exploration of Wenzhou, the 'shoe capital of China', to the world-class shoe industry cluster is timely."


In this regard, at the launch ceremony, the signing ceremony of the first "Red Boots Award" China International Footwear Design Competition talent, the signing ceremony of key projects in the footwear industry, and the signing ceremony of the integration of production and education projects in the footwear industry were held successively to gather global talent, technology, information, data and other production factors to promote the transformation and upgrading of the Wenzhou shoe industry.


At the same time, the "world-class footwear industry cluster" construction index system "and" Wenzhou to create a "world-class footwear industry cluster" benchmarking action plan "were also released at the launch ceremony. According to the "Wenzhou to create a" world-class shoe industry cluster "benchmarking action plan", Wenzhou will implement the "S-H-O-E-S" five major actions, firmly promote the "China shoe capital" to the "world shoe capital" big leap.


In addition, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs gathered at the ceremony to carry out keynote speeches such as "Exploration of self-breakthrough development path in characteristic Regions" and "Firmly Walking the Road of high-quality Development to Create comfortable and healthy Footwear Products", and to carry out exchanges and dialogues around "Opportunities and challenges of the global shoe industry chain in the era of intelligence", to provide guidance for the majority of shoe companies to seize opportunities and innovate and develop.


Zhang Zhenfeng, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Wenzhou, said in his speech at the ceremony that Wenzhou will take the strong chain supplement as the path, take innovation as the guidance, take branding, fashion, and personalized as the main direction, accelerate the creation of the fashion design center, intelligent manufacturing center and exhibition and trade center of the international shoe industry, and stimulate the upgrading of the shoe industry brand and the rise in value. Let more people around the world wear better "Wenzhou shoes".


2023 China Shoe Capital (Wenzhou) the first shoe Culture Week launching ceremony