microfiber, co-friendly water based,solvent free leather

07th Dec 2020

Wenzhou Heli sythetic leather co,.ltd has developed nearly 30 years. Between 2018 and 2020, Heli has adjusted clearly in the development of business strategy. Based on the traditional advantage of products, Heli has intensified in microfiber, co-friendly water based and solvent free leather.

Recent years, Heli has increased product development efforts much more than before and the products are more and more mature in physics and chemistry. In physics, microfiber is the representative, because it is close to real leather. And in chemistry, water based and solve free leather is of environment protection.

In 2019, Heli has built production workshop in Lishui and input 4 lines of production and began to produce in 2020. Water based shoes, garments and bags leather as well as solvent free furniture leather will be fully marketed.